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Online Masterclass on Demand  with Jo Soley

Using the Powers of Numerology to Connect to your Business Magic

In her masterclass Jo will show you


What numerology is and isn't – respecting the energies of numbers


How numeric energies affect us on a daily basis in our business


How to work out your Life Path number (correctly) and what this means for your business success

Numerology is a well-established ancient science, similar to astrology but instead of looking to the stars it looks to numbers.

Numerology has been used by celebrities and CEOs across the world as a way of harnessing the subtle energies that create our unique blueprint.

Understanding your numeric energies delivers powerful and valuable insight that allows you to show up in your business.

Improve your creativity and productivity, develop better client relationships and increase profitability.

Jo Soley is a Business Coach and the founder of Bizology® – ‘Using the Powers of Numerology to Elevate Your Business Success’.

People do business with you if they like, know and trust you, numerology helps you like, know and trust yourself! Helping you understand who you really are as a business owner.

Numerology has transformed Jo’s life and business to such a degree that her services are now related to connecting her clients to the energies of their numbers.

By understanding your Life Path number, the Personal Year you are in, and the meaning and expression of your name – numerology can help empower you to do the right thing at the right time in your business journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions


When does the event take place?

The date and time of each masterclass is stated on your ticket receipt. You will receive email notification for each of the masterclasses separately.


Where does event take place?

All masterclasses are on Zoom. You will receive a separate meeting link for each of the masterclasses via email.


How many masterclasses can I attend?

You can attend as many masterclasses as you wish. Each ticket should be purchased separately. Individual ticket to a masterclass costs £22, and you can purchase as many  tickets as you wish, the most cost effective solution is to purchase the All-Access Pass for £111 and attend as many events as you wish or watch the recordings.


What if I can't attend the event?

Your pass gives you access to the recording which will be available at least for 12 months after the event. It is recommended to attend the live event as it will give you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other participants. 


Do you refund tickets?

No, we don’t refund tickets, if you can’t attend the live session you can watch the recording or  you can transfer your ticket to someone else but you need to give us a 24-hour notice. 


Are the sessions recorded?

Yes, the sessions are recorded. The recordings will be available at least for the next 12 months.