Welcome to the Magical Creators Live
Abundance Accelerator Bootcamp

Personal  Development Event


Get Unstuck. Grow Rich. Live Vibrantly.

Whilst taking full responsibility for your future
5-7th October 2021 | online

Immerse yourself in the many healing sessions and inspirational talks to help you raise your abundance frequency, learn manifesting tips and increase your ability to both generate and manifest abundance on demand. If you agree that you are co-creator of your reality, you are open to personal development and energy work, and you are ready to create a legacy then this event is for you!

The Bootcamp will help you expand your sense of possibility by teaching you new tools for personal and business development. You'll learn how to shift your mind from Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset.

Attending these sessions you will learn how to:


See things from a different perspective and clear your hidden limitations in all areas of your life.


Believe in your intention, get rid of fear and doubt


Connect with the brighter side of human nature


Create miracles even when there are no conditions for them

Imagine what you can create when you give yourself the freedom and support to go beyond your “safety zone” and into full, fearless manifestation.

Do you want to create a life of freedom and abundance?

What if I told you that you are your only limitation? There is no greater gift than to give yourself the chance to uncover your own hidden greatness and purpose. You have been given the tools and the opportunity to explore, discover and do what you were always meant to do. This event will show you how to do it.

Practical solutions, real experiences and expert guidance to achieve your biggest goals faster than you ever thought possible.

It’s time to claim your power and manifest more prosperity in your life.
The abundance accelerator is a 3-day (4 hours a day) live event bootcamp designed to help you build higher levels of prosperity in your life. It’s about moving from fear and feelings of lack to being unlimited, freed up to use your gifts to change the world. We’re creating a space where doubts, fears and limiting views are released so that you can build a life you love.

Learn how to enhance your manifesting abilities and raise your inner vibration so you can more easily and effortlessly attract the things and experiences you love.

Agenda of the event

5th October

2-6pm GMT


How to allow abundance: see where you need to be and how to get there with the IBA INDEX


Health is Your Wealth


Stepping into your Abundant Identity!


Become a Money Magnet

6th October

2-6pm GMT


Money Manifestation Mastery


The importance of energetic alignment when attracting abundance


The Abundance Experiment – Living by Design


Your Abundance Frequency

7th October

2-6pm GMT


Dragon Gold: Connect to Your Inner Alchemist with Dragon Support


Create your own 90-Day Abundance Plan


Breathing your way into success


Tapping into Abundance

Meet the Experts

Exceptional Speakers

Inga Deksne

Inga Deksne is a Latvian living in London, UK. She moved to London over 11 years ago, so she is familiar with how to start again from scratch in an unknown territory. Inga has created High Impact Happiness brand because she loves working with businesses who create huge impact in the world and she wants them to be happy while they are running their business. She teaches that running your business can be easy and enjoyable when you create systems that work for your business model and your personality. She is a proud founder of the “Magical Creators” community and The Magical Creators Live event Inga has created a space for business owners like you to get their social media help on-demand, mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs and take your business to a new level.

Brad  Yates

Brad Yates is known internationally for his creative and often humorous use
of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Brad is the author of the best-selling children’s book “The Wizard’s Wish,” the co-author of the best-seller “Freedom at Your Fingertips,” and a featured expert in the film “The Tapping Solution”.

He has also been a presenter at a number of events, including Jack Canfield’s
Breakthrough to Success, has done teleseminars with “The Secret” stars Bob
Doyle and Dr. Joe Vitale, and has been heard internationally on a number of
internet radio talk shows.

Brad also has well over 600 videos on YouTube,
that have been viewed over 14 million times, and is a contributing expert on
the Huffington Post. More info is available at www.tapwithbrad.com

Gayle Edwards

Gayle Edwards is an International, award-winning Global Impact;
Brand Strategist, Author and Speaker who empowers and educates
Intuitive Impact Entrepreneurs and Purpose-Driven Organisations to
build impactful businesses through leveraging their brands and build
their identity and authority within their marketplace! Gayle is also an
Advocate for the UN Global Goals, in particular Goal No. 5 which is
Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women; Girls and centers
much of her philanthropic work around this goal.

As the Founder of Brand You Consultancy Ltd, Gayle blends her
spiritual gifts with over 30 plus years’ experience in Marketing, Branding,
Communications, Training; Coaching to help Entrepreneurs and
Corporate Professionals to boost their identity, create more impact,
extend their influence to sharpen up their digital image and offline
presence. Gayle is the creator of the trailblazing “Standing up in Your
own Hallelujah” Personal Branding process. It is this same innovative
process that also forms the basis of The Audacity to be Authentic
Diversity; Inclusion Programme which Gayle delivers to Organisations
and Corporates committed to progression and change.

Lara Waldman

Lara AKA the Abundance Activator, empowers conscious Leaders, business owners and service based entrepreneurs to expand into the next level of their purpose, power and prosperity. She is an abundant business mentor, conscious wealth coach, Healer and Author of the book “Money Manifestation Mastery”.

Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore is a mindset coach and she helps her clients clear the past so that they can clear the path to the manifestation of their Big Vision. Melanie has developed Transformational Neural Technique™️ which is literally like dynamite for the brain and breaks through limiting beleifs and old stories that keep us stuck in the past and prevent us from manifesting our hearts desires.

Aodaoin  Hathaway

Aodaoin  is the founder of Aodaoin Hathaway | Dances with Dragons. She is a cosmic shaman and mystic with a lifelong connection with Dragons, and more than twenty years of training and experience in various energy healing modalities. She works with the Dragons, the Divine Feminine, and other Universal Source energies to bring their optimal healing support through to her clients.

Olwen  Jennings

Olwen Jennings is a powerful Intuitive coach who facilitates the discovery of your soul’s purpose so you and your business can be in full alignment and build the impact you were created to have.

She works very closely with her Spirit Guides and they help her bring her clients outstanding clarity.
She is also a wife and a mother to two teenage boys plus a dog and a cat. They keep her busy!

Before she did this sort of work, she was a Family Lawyer – a little bit different to what she does now.
By changing direction and following her heart and Intuition, she was then able to work doing Readings, Coaching and Reiki healing and has been doing this for about 15 years now.
She then became interested in knowing who her guides were as she knew someone or something was helping her with her own abilities. She realised that she already knew her guides – indeed she has had lifetimes alongside some of them. 


Christianne  Wolff

Christianne Wolff is a multi award winning, best selling author of The Body Rescue Plan series of books. She is celebrating her 25th year in the health and fitness industry, having trained many celebs and written columns for  national newspapers and magazines.

Christianne achieved her dream goal of moving to Portugal 3 years ago with her husband and daughter and 2 rescue dogs. 

Christianne is a leading expert in energy healing through nutrition, fitness and meditation.  

Tiffany  Crosara

Tiffany is an Award-Winning Author in the MBS field, and Multi Award Winning Inner Transformation Specialist helping intuitives that have lost themselves in others to develop healthy esteem,  passion fuelled relationships, and soul fulfilled purposes through her unique torch blazing work with Transformative Tarot.  

Her first book, ‘The Transformational Truth of Tarot’ won the Best Spiritual Book of 2012 awarded by Prediction Magazine and The London College of Psychic Studies which opened up her international speaking live TV career- a string of awards followed:

2013:  Best Newcomer TV Intuitive – Psychic Today 

2014: Inspiring Human Potential to Helping People Make Better Choices – Network Cornwall

2015:  Iconic Woman inspiring and Empowering Women – Women’s Economic Forum

2019: Gold Visionary for her product “The Transformational Truth of Tarot GameChanger” – Coalition of Visionary Resources.

2021: Best Inner Transformation Coach and Author – Training and Education Awards


Linda  Lang

Linda Lang is a healer and guide who bridges energy medicine, mind shifting techniques and intuition to release emotional baggage, limiting beliefs and patterns and align with a life filled with prosperity, purpose and fulfillment.

She is trained in Huna shamanism, hypnosis, NLP (Master Practitioner) and a variety of other energy and e-psychology techniques that bring self awareness and transformation.

She is also a channel for the Diamond Ray, the Tri-Une Heart Flame and the Tao Healing energy.  Expect a shift! 


Diana  Nash

Diana Nash is a Transformational Healer who uses the magical power of sound to heal, reconnect and realign Midlife Women who have forgotten the essence of their true selves.

Diana’s work is all about raising the vibration of the planet and is committed to women feeling aligned, alive, heard, nurtured and held so they create that positive ripple effect amongst all those whose lives they touch.

Using intuition, sound energy and leveraging her connection with your divine spirit, Diana is able to help you:

*Release any blockages from your chakras
*Regain balance and increase your energy for improved wellbeing
*Accelerate your innate healing abilities – emotionally, physically and spiritually
*Reconnect to your soul’s essence and purpose

Jacqueline Boothe

Jacqueline is an intuitive selfcare coach, partnering with women over 40 to get clear on their personal and professional goals. Jacqueline has a kit full of different resources and tools that are tried and tested and are guaranteed to give clients their desired outcomes and so much more.

Jacqueline is passionate about self-development so is always adding to the tool kit.

Jacqueline understands that one size does not fit all, and provides very tailor-made sessions, that are bespoke to the clients, pace, energetic aura and desires.

For the last 25+ years Jacqueline has been working with ‘vulnerable families’ and those marginalised in society, supporting them to get their life on track, Emotionally, financially, physically, spiritually.

It was in 2016 after being diagnosed with Cancer and Diabetes that Jacqueline realised her purpose was to serve in a different way and she gave up her 9-5 noose to rediscover herself and share your intuitive skillset and overflowing tool kit with those women who are ready to make transformational change.

‘Selfcare, Selflove, Self-discovery will only bring out your highest expression and meaningful access to your authentic self, so you can go through your life with ease and grace, no matter what is thrown at you’

What Will I Learn?

Masterclasses at the Online Bootcamp

All activities will take place online from 2pm – 6pm BST  (6-10am PDT/9 am -1pm EDT)

Lara Waldman

Money Manifestation Mastery

Become a heart-led money magnet whose very presence changes the world
Release the money blocks that keep you playing small and hiding your gifts
Own your value, charge what you’re worth.


Aodaoin Hathaway

Dragon Gold: Connect to Your Inner Alchemist with Dragon Support

Join Aodaoin and the Dragons in a healing Dragon-energy transmission to activate and enhance your abundance and prosperity frequencies, so that you can manifest more easily expressions of flow, freedom, delight and joy in your physical life.

Gayle Edwards

Stepping into your Abundant Identity! 

Who do you need to become to be truly abundant? Supposing you don’t need to be anyone other than your true authentic self!

Abundance lives within your soul and once aligned with your purpose and impact, it’s release is inevitable. During this session, you will be guided through a unique experience that introduces your brand, your soul identity and your abundance.

Inga Deksne

“Create your own 90-Day Abundance Plan” 

Abundance is the natural state of being. It’s what we are all born with, but it can be lost when our minds become cluttered and confused by negative thoughts.

We all want to be richer, get more time, get new experiences, get recognition, have better relationships, have more fun. Every one of us has goals that are important to our success.

This session will teach you how to clear out those negative thoughts and build new habits that lead to an abundant lifestyle. You will learn practical tips on how to achieve your desired results.

The aim of this talk is to help you get back into that natural state of being so that you can live a life full of joy, love, and fulfillment!

Brad Yates

“Become a Money Magnet”

The extent to which we are not experiencing what we say we want tends to be the extent to which we are resisting it.

Old programming about why it would be wrong or dangerous to experience greater abundance will stop us from allowing it into our lives – particularly in limiting the actions we could take. Fortunately, we can tap to change our minds about that, such that we have greater freedom to manifest what we want.


Olwen Jennings

The importance of energetic alignment when attracting abundance

Olwen will talk about the importance of energetically aligning to the abundance you were born to have and how to do that.

Olwen will take you through a process to enable you to embody that alignment so that you can then take action to attract the abundance you desire.

Tiffany Crosara

How to allow abundance see where you need to be and how to get there with the IBA INDEX

After losing 4.5 million ( bar a tenner!) Tiffany’s guides downloaded the IBA Index to her – she has never lost that much since!

The IBA index is like your BMI INDEX but it measures your manifesting mass instead of body mass.

Join Tiffany to find out how to use this nifty instant measure to fix any leaky holes in your accelerated abundance bucket!

Christianne Wolff

Health is your Wealth!

Food is energy- good or bad.

Abundance is energy good or bad.

Your whole energetic being is made up from who you surround yourself with, what you eat, what you drink and how you move your body.

In other words your decision making around your lifestyle has the ultimate effect on your abundance.

In this talk we will unearth

  • why we sabotage our healthy efforts.
  • what food heals and what food creates blocks.
  • how to create daily habits that allow rapid abundance flow, and how to sustain these habits.

Your energy starts with every cell in your body and those cells are fed through what fuel you put in.

Learn how to create the highest abundance with the highest fuel.

Diana Nash

Breathing your way into success

Breath is the foundation to life and also to the connection within us.

We can utilise this connection to obtain knowledge about our energetic flow and state of all of our being (physical, mental emotional, spiritual)

And then, I use sound to help my clients to release and reconnect mind body and soul to perfect flow and harmony.

The session is this:

  • Breath work to connect through layers of self.
  • Taking you on an energetic enquiry.
  • Discovering the blockages and physical resistance in the body.
  • Increasing heart, body, spirit awareness.
  • Sound healing to release and open up the energetic gateways to success abundance and flow.

Linda Lang

Your Abundance Frequency

What is at the root of your money story? How does it affect your ability to manifest and create abundance?

We’ll tune in to discover what your money frequency is, where your story came from and then have an energy alignment to raise the energy you hold around money.

Melanie Moore

Tapping into Abundance

Creating new neural pathways to embody your new abundance levels.

In this session Melanie will take you through a guided visualisation and Transformational Neural Technique™ Session which will help you:

  • Connect with the vision for your dream and life;
  • Expand the vision for what is possible;
  • Gain clarity on your income goals.

The session will end with a round of tapping to help you tap into the multiple streams of income that are available to you in your business so that abundance flows freely into your life.


Jacqueline Boothe

The Abundance Experiment – Living by Design

Come and get some tools that will unlock your blueprint to your individual map to abundance. Discover the key to success and satisfaction.



Yvonne J Douglas

I would like to say that working with Inga has been an experience of love support and expansion. Joining Magical Creators has been, for me, a worth while investment in myself and my business. Inga’s caring and intuitive nature, coupled with her expertise has given me the courage to really step up into my authentic space of leadership. Her knowledge of social media marketing is second to none. The way she runs her maintenance package is so supportive and extremely helpful, continually pushing you forward for your highest good and best outcome; as long as I put in the work Inga is there to hold my hand. I would highly recommend Inga and her Magical Creators group for learning, growth, and support for my business. Thank you, Inga, for a magical experience.

Debra Kilby

The Magical Creators Live was an event beyond business as usual! I felt like I’d been through a spin dryer at the end of this very magical day, in the best of ways. I came away from the event feeling I’d up-leveled energetically, as well inspired with ideas and practical tips. The speakers were motivating, knowledgeable, supportive and very much personal and approachable sharing ideas and tips to the audience as well as individuals. I will definitely attend Inga’s next event and would highly recommend spoiling yourself with the VIP option.

Jenny Ford

When I signed up for the Magical Creators Live Workshop I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew it was going to be a magical day and I was right! Listening to the entire speaker’s telling their stories and seeing how far they have come was so inspiring. I can honestly say I came away feeling transformed and excited about moving forward in my business and feeling more confident to make the changes I need to make.

Melanie Moore

Marina Beech

Adriana Delieva

You can purchase access to the replays


Recordings of the virtual event

1 month access to the Magical Creator membership (valued at £77)


Do you have questions?

Below there are some answers that may be useful!


When does the event takes place?

It starts on 5th, 6th and 7th  October 2021.

2 -6 pm UK time 4 hours every day


How does it differ from every other Zoom event?

While we use Zoom as a platform to deliver the event, we can assure that it is far from ordinary webinar. The talks are infuesed with healing sessions, plus we use breakout rooms to faciliate mini group sessions, and we will have dance parties in between. Besides we tested at the last event and magic is palpable throughout the whole event.


What if I can't attend the whole event?

We would recommend attending all the sessions but at the same time we believe in the Divine Timing so you will hear what you need to hear the most no matter how little time you spend at the event.  Recording will be provided assuming that technology performs but recordings are offered to enhance the follow up process rather than catching up on missed sessions.


Do you refund tickets?

We don’t refund tickets, if your circumstances changed you can transfer your ticket to the next event.