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Magical Creators Live!

9th November 2024, London, Heathrow UK


Magical Creators Live is a conference + workshop + mastermind

The World is waiting!

Sarah Joanne Ashurst

Wow just wow, what can I say about the Magical Creators event, it was just amazing for me and my business. During the 2 days I was held in a beautiful magical space where I experienced so many things, such as removal of blocks that held me back, a healing with my inner child, how to use different tools strategically for my business and I had a fabulous experience in my Akashic Records where I received a download for a course I was to create.

If you have a business and are spiritually minded this event is a must. I expanded and I grew in those 2 days and stepped up in my business in the weeks that followed, launching that course that was downloaded to me. Inga's event is a magical blend of practical strategies, tools and spiritual guidance and I cannot wait for the next one.

Gudrun Otten

It was one of my most transforming experiences online being part of Magical Creators this year.  I was one of the last moment subscribers and not really sure of what to expect.
So I decided to not expect anything but let myself be taken by the hand and soul.

Already after the first hours I felt like being opened again and again to dimensions that I knew I am able to reach but not being sure about how this could really influence my business life.

Every single experience within this journey was mind blowing and I was deeply touched by the inner shifts I was able to recognise.
I am so very grateful and for sure next time I will be one of the early bird subscribers and so excited about meeting all the beautiful minds there again.

Jackie Boothe

This was my first experience of the Magical Creators, it really can be aligned with events like "unleash the power” Anthony Robbins because even though there is no fire walk... you still get to unleash your blockages and heal, giving you the space to progress to your next level...

This is an experience not to miss, there is something for everyone in each presentation.

Any event that can take you through the spectrum of emotions is all good in my books. Every success with the next magical creators xx

What if there was a
roadmap for success?

After working closely with heart-centred entrepreneurs for over nine years, I deeply understand the challenges you face on your journey.

That's why I felt compelled to create an extraordinary event specifically tailored to business owners like you—a transformative experience that propels your growth and empowers you to create your own version of success.

There's something truly remarkable about immersing yourself in a room filled with like-minded entrepreneurs and learning directly from those who have achieved the very goals you aspire to.

It's an unparalleled opportunity that accelerates your growth and amplifies your success. Stepping away from the day-to-day operations of your business and engaging in high-level networking provides extraordinary benefits.

And the magic truly happens when you connect face-to-face with your peers, forging deep, meaningful connections that simply cannot be replicated online.

This powerful realisation became the driving force behind the creation of Magical Creators LIVE—a visionary event that brings together the best of inspiration, education, and collaboration.

It's an experience carefully crafted to unlock your full potential, expand your horizons, and set you on the path to realizing your dreams


Magical Creators LIVE is a business event with a difference.

It is a conference + workshop + mastermind.

Prepare to be inspired and guided by an extraordinary lineup of speakers who are masters in their fields. They will not only teach you their proven strategies for success but also actively support you in implementing those strategies.

Throughout the event, you'll have exclusive access to these exceptional speakers who will be fully dedicated to your growth and development.

They'll be by your side throughout the day, attentively focusing their expertise on your business.

Get ready for an immersive experience where they'll provide invaluable insights, fresh ideas, and tailored strategies that you can immediately implement.

As the event concludes, you'll emerge with newfound clarity on your next steps, armed with a comprehensive business roadmap to guide you on your journey.

But that's not all—Magical Creators Live goes beyond knowledge and strategies. You'll also forge deep and meaningful connections with like-minded entrepreneurs, creating a network of wonderful new connections that will continue to support and uplift you long after the event ends.

Meet the Experts

Exceptional Speakers

Inga Deksne

Inga Deksne is an accomplished Intuitive Business Strategist who guides entrepreneurs and businesses towards success. With her unique blend of intuition, strategic thinking, and extensive business knowledge, she has become a trusted advisor to aspiring and established professionals alike.

Inga's approach goes beyond conventional consulting, as she taps into the core essence of a business, understands its strengths and weaknesses, and aligns clients' visions with practical strategies.

By integrating mindset, energy, and intuition, Inga helps clients cultivate a holistic approach to their business, making informed decisions for sustainable growth and long-term success.

With a diverse background and deep industry understanding, she has transformed numerous businesses, empowering them to thrive in competitive markets.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting your journey, Inga Deksne's intuitive business strategy can unlock your true potential and create a prosperous future.

Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore is a mindset coach and she helps her clients clear the past so that they can clear the path to the manifestation of their Big Vision.

Melanie has developed Transformational Neural Technique™️ which is literally like dynamite for the brain and breaks through limiting beliefs and old stories that keep us stuck in the past and prevent us from manifesting our hearts desires.

Marcia O’Regan

Marcia O’Regan is the Entrepreneurs Healer, Soul Guide and Voice of The Ancient Divine Feminine.

Her intuition and heart-centered nurturing way helps her stand out in business and the entrepreneurial field.

She empowers women by removing blocks to all forms of lack and activates women to a whole new vibration where women are enlightened to their true soul essence, mission and greater spiritual connection. This is THE GAME CHANGER.

From this high frequency place, she helps women create a soulful business, aligned pricing and packages that draw your clients to you in a congruent, authentic and fulfilling way to ensure you make a beautiful living from your soul mission.
She leads the way into the new paradigm of being, living and doing business in this New Aquarian Age. Her motto is ‘your rules, your way’, it’s quantum leaps all the way when Marcia is in the room!

Gosia Gorna

Gosia Gorna is an award winning transformational coach, international speaker and author of the best-selling book ‘The Expansion Game’. Her book won the 2018 best-coaching book of year.

She is the creator of a pioneering and powerful method for releasing fear – The Expansion Game. This transformational tool can turn your life around by freeing you from the fear of failure, not being good enough and feeling judged. It will help you to let go of the need to hide, procrastinate and play small.

Gosia has helped thousands of change-maker, to gain greater clarity and express their unique gifts with confidence. Her work demonstrates how the power of the heart, intuition and skillful handling of our fear can help us all achieve greater success, and make a bigger impact in this world.

Marina  Beech

Marina Beech is The Soul Alchemist, a Spiritual Intuitive, Channel, Teacher and Author who uses the Akashic Records and pendulum to support her clients and students in the discovery of their divine gifts and Soul identity. Marina is also the founder of the Akashic Code Training Academy and creator of The Akashic Oracle Card deck.

Marina supports female entrepreneurs, impact leaders and creatives to reconnect to their divine Soul gifts and to clear past life karmic blocks, empowering them to experience deep transformational life and business breakthroughs.

Marina experienced the positive impact of The Akashic Records after she witnessed her own profound healing sev- eral years ago and it was through this catalyst that she went on her own journey to discover what the Records were, and how she could offer the same positive change to her Soul-led clients today.

When we know who we are at Soul level, we can realign our choices to create a more abundant life filled with joy, flow and possibility.


What to expect!

You will be taken on a business journey – taking your business up a level.

By the end of the event you will have the tools to expand your business.

Magical Creators Live


5th-6th October 2022


Yvonne J Douglas

I would like to say that working with Inga has been an experience of love support and expansion. Joining Magical Creators has been, for me, a worth while investment in myself and my business. Inga's caring and intuitive nature, coupled with her expertise has given me the courage to really step up into my authentic space of leadership. Her knowledge of social media marketing is second to none. The way she runs her maintenance package is so supportive and extremely helpful, continually pushing you forward for your highest good and best outcome; as long as I put in the work Inga is there to hold my hand. I would highly recommend Inga and her Magical Creators group for learning, growth, and support for my business.
Thank you, Inga, for a magical experience.

Debra Kilby

The Magical Creators Live was an event beyond business as usual! I felt like I’d been through a spin dryer at the end of this very magical day, in the best of ways. I came away from the event feeling I’d up-leveled energetically, as well inspired with ideas and practical tips. The speakers were motivating, knowledgeable, supportive and very much personal and approachable sharing ideas and tips to the audience as well as individuals. I will definitely attend Inga’s next event and would highly recommend spoiling yourself with the VIP option.

Jenny Ford

When I signed up for the Magical Creators Live Workshop I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew it was going to be a magical day and I was right!

Listening to the entire speaker’s telling their stories and seeing how far they have come was so inspiring. I can honestly say I came away feeling transformed and excited about moving forward in my business and feeling more confident to make the changes I need to make.

Madeleine Knight

Joanne Lee

Melanie Moore

Marina Beech

Adriana Delieva

Ticket Options


The Crystal Pass


Instalment option

2 x £170

Instalment option

6 x £56

Event pass for the virtual event

A bonus ticket to the in-person event.(valued at £147)

Recording of the event*.

Prize draw to get a session with one of the speakers

A 2-month access to the
Magical Creator membership (£94)

The Diamond Pass


Instalment option

2 x £75

Instalment option

6 x £25

Event pass


Prize draw to get a session with one of the speakers

A 2-month access to the
Magical Creator membership (£94)

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When does the event takes place?

It takes place on 9th November London, Heathrow.

10am- 6pm UK


Where does the event takes place?

Heathrow area,  UK 


Do you refund tickets?

We don't refund tickets, if your circumstances change you can transfer your ticket to the next event or gift it to someone.