Attend the Global Premier Business Growth Event for  Intuitive and Spiritual Entrepreneurs!

5th-6th & 17th OCTOBER 2022

Reinvent yourself & your business

Rejuvenate your wealth
Reclaim your Inner Power

Magical Creators Live is a conference + workshop + mastermind

Buy your ticket today and get 2-month free membership to the Magical Creators Community starting immediately where you will have an opportunity to receive bespoke business advice, participate in business growth planning sessions and get access to client attraction online courses.

Welcome to the Magical Creators Live Event!

What is Magical Creators Live:

A transformative and immersive 2-day event for extraordinary entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level.

Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, no two days are the same. There are highs and there are lows. Some days it feels like fumbling in the dark and you’re not quite sure of the next step.

So we buy more courses, attend more webinars looking for the holy grail of entrepreneurship.

Who is Magical Creators Live for:

Are you a business owner that is ready to upscale from passion to profit but without compromising your joy?

Are you looking to create a business infused with your unique blend of skills, expertise, talent and … personality?

Are you running a business that you know can be leveraged online and globally?

Magical Creators Live is specifically for YOU and has been designed to position you exactly where you need to be in order to level up!

Magical Creators Live is for the bold and the ready … whether you are ready to upscale or ready to take those first tentative steps. Magical Creators Live will provide you with the roadmap and resources to you create an Action Plan to ensure you achieve your goals.

Magical Creators LIVE is a business event with a difference!

Spiritual and Intuitive Entrepreneurs you are being called to step up NOW in your business....

The World is waiting!

Sarah Joanne Ashurst

Wow just wow, what can I say about the Magical Creators event, it was just amazing for me and my business. During the 2 days I was held in a beautiful magical space where I experienced so many things, such as removal of blocks that held me back, a healing with my inner child, how to use different tools strategically for my business and I had a fabulous experience in my Akashic Records where I received a download for a course I was to create.

If you have a business and are spiritually minded this event is a must. I expanded and I grew in those 2 days and stepped up in my business in the weeks that followed, launching that course that was downloaded to me. Inga's event is a magical blend of practical strategies, tools and spiritual guidance and I cannot wait for the next one.

Gudrun Otten

It was one of my most transforming experiences online being part of Magical Creators this year.  I was one of the last moment subscribers and not really sure of what to expect.
So I decided to not expect anything but let myself be taken by the hand and soul.

Already after the first hours I felt like being opened again and again to dimensions that I knew I am able to reach but not being sure about how this could really influence my business life.

Every single experience within this journey was mind blowing and I was deeply touched by the inner shifts I was able to recognise.
I am so very grateful and for sure next time I will be one of the early bird subscribers and so excited about meeting all the beautiful minds there again.

Jackie Boothe

This was my first experience of the Magical Creators, it really can be aligned with events like "unleash the power” Anthony Robbins because even though there is no fire walk... you still get to unleash your blockages and heal, giving you the space to progress to your next level...

This is an experience not to miss, there is something for everyone in each presentation.

Any event that can take you through the spectrum of emotions is all good in my books. Every success with the next magical creators xx

What Will I Learn?

Masterclasses and Workshops at Magical Creators Live

All activities on 5-6th October  will take place online from 11am - 7pm BST  

The Bonus in person event is on 17th October at 10am-5pm London TBC

Melanie Moore

Reset your goals and reinvent your vision for the future.

In this talk, Melanie will share powerful tips and strategies for setting and achieving your most desired outcomes. 

Overcome self-doubt, tap into your inner power, and take action steps that will lead you to success.

This talk is guaranteed to leave you feeling charged up and ready to take on the world!

Inga Deksne

The Powerful combination of Structures and Flow in your business.

Inga will show you how you can combine a concept of going with the flow with having structures and systems in your business to ensure the possibility of exponential growth in your business.

Debra Kilby

Resetting your conception choices to help you and your business flourish

During this talk Debra will guide you to your pre-conception energy and Soul planning space to gain insight on any choices and experiences you may have made and completed and are ready to now reset and realign.

Before we come to earth we have an opportunity to choose everything. We have access to all the codes we wish to experience life on all levels from the physical to our bigger life purpose energies.

In this talk you’ll enjoy a powerful meditation to your pre-conception ‘planning room’ and gain a clearer understanding on your what and why, allow yourself to bring in new codes of experiences and align with your heart’s desires.

Gosia Gorna

Become a business whisperer

You are a change maker and the world needs your gifts and wisdom more than ever before. For us to be in a state of wellbeing we need to look after flow in our bodies, minds, business and finances.

During this session you will become a business whisperer. You will communicate with your business in a soulful way and find out what it needs right now to go to the next level of expansion and impact.

You will also work in pairs and deliver an amazingly helpful business reading for your partner. Get ready for the miracles that can happen in your life when you tap into your intuitive genius!

Gayle Edwards

“Reinvesting your Riches”

This talk is about what's next for you and for your business and for the people that you are showing up to serve.

This is an expansion of your message. This is where we now start to take quantum leaps. This is how you become a truly Daring DIVA within your community and within your marketplace.

We will be looking at growing your impact and maximising your impact. We will also be looking at amplifying your message globally - beyond social media

Sarah Joanne Ashurst

Uncovering Your Magic With Goddess Morgana

Journey in a healing meditation to meet with Goddess Morgana and uncover the magic of you in your business, remove any blocks or layers holding you back, and connect back into the powerful soul that you are.

Marcia O'Regan

Rejuvinate your Wealth

 In this session Marcia  will channel the millionaire energy, cleanse your soul of money blocks and activate the millionaire frequency within you.

Helene Thituson

How to make money from your website in the age of web 3.0

…even if you’re brand new or have tried and failed before.

The next evolution of the World Wide Web is imminent and will have a profound impact on anyone with a digital business.

Join Helene as she explains what that means and what we can do about it to avoid getting left behind.

Sharon Brown

Reinvent YourSelf

Do you find it hard to break free from the earthy constriction of fear, lack, struggle and limitations?

Do you often feel like there is something holding you back?

So much of these earthy constrictions are stored within our cellar memory and DNA which makes it hard for us to move forward. We can become stuck on the hamster wheel of life.

This is where Sharon Brown, with the help of her Galactic Guides, comes in. She channels light codes and tones that go deep within us to clear all we are holding on to. Join Sharon to allow yourself to renew, reset and live a life of freedom and unlimited potential.

Kurly Marwaha

Feng Shui for stability and growth in a volatile world

There is such a lot of volatility and uncertainty in the world right now. As small business owners this is very scary to know that right now many businesses are not only going bust, but that many people are tightening their belts and spending less.

Using Feng Shui and understanding the energy of the year, Kurly is going to show you how to make the most of this environment and to do it through helping and feeding the world. Real time results oriented tips to thrive."

Lisa Nichols

Becoming a Pro CEO of your business

The three stages to becoming the productive, proactive professional your business requires for success are:

  1. DeClutter
  2. Organise
  3. Increase Productivity

Whether you are a rule follower or a rebel, we all need to feel confident and in control to succeed.

In this interactive session, Lisa will demonstrate the key tools to have in place to achieve this.

Marina Beech

Reinvent Your Reality With The Akashic Records

Reinvention needs to start on the inside in order for you to attract the reality you truly want - Its Universal Law, like attracts like!! But how can you change your reality if you don’t know where to start or what to look for?

In this session we will go deeper with your Reinvention and stepping into the future you!

Using your Akashic Records is your 5D alignment shortcut that allows you to effectively release the old and outdated layers, beliefs, programs that are not working for you so you can step into the future version of you that does.

In this session Marina will guide you through a powerful visualisation into your Akashic Records to meet one of your Record Keepers and your Future Self.

Together you will identify the karmic blocks holding you back and safely release them. Your karmic blocks present themselves through fear, limiting beliefs, outdated behaviours, unresolved trauma, past life agreements and programming .

With your guide's support, we will heal and transform the negative energies from your Akashic Record and activate influential Success Anchors that will encourage you to take aligned action after the event which will elevate the reinvention of you!

What if there was a
roadmap for success?

Having worked 1:2:1 with heart centred entrepreneurs for over eight years, I understand the challenges you face and I was inspired to create an event for business owners like you to help you grow your business and create your own version of success.

There is something about being in a room with like-minded entrepreneurs, and learning from people who have achieved what you want to achieve that fast tracks your growth and success. Having the space away from your business, and networking at a high level has extraordinary benefits and meeting your peers face to face creates magical connections that can’t be re-created on-line.

And this is what prompted me to create – Magical Creators LIVE.

This time we are running this event online but it will be equally impactful and transformational as if you were attending the event in real life. You cannot attend this event while ironing clothes or making lunch, it reuires your full presence.

Magical Creators LIVE is a business event with a difference.

It is a conference + workshop + mastermind.

You will be learning from incredible speakers who will teach, and help you to implement their strategies for success.

You will have direct access to the speakers who will be with you for the whole day and they will be putting their eyes and their brains on your business, with ideas and strategies you can implement immediately.

By the end of the day You will leave with clarity on your next steps, your business roadmap and wonderful new connections.

Meet the Experts

Exceptional Speakers

Inga Deksne

Inga Deksne is a Latvian living in London, UK. She moved to London over 11 years ago, so she is familiar with how to start again from scratch in an unknown territory.

Inga has created High Impact Happiness brand because she loves working with businesses who create huge impact in the world and she wants them to be happy while they are running their business.

She teaches that running your business can be easy and enjoyable when you create systems that work for your business model and your personality.

She is a proud founder of the “Magical Creators” community and The Magical Creators Live event Inga has created a space for business owners like you to get their social media help on-demand, mastermind with like-minded entrepreneurs and take your business to a new level.

Melanie Moore

Melanie Moore is a mindset coach and she helps her clients clear the past so that they can clear the path to the manifestation of their Big Vision.

Melanie has developed Transformational Neural Technique™️ which is literally like dynamite for the brain and breaks through limiting beliefs and old stories that keep us stuck in the past and prevent us from manifesting our hearts desires.

Gayle Edwards

Gayle Edwards is an International, award-winning Global Impact &
Brand Strategist, Author and Speaker who empowers and educates
Intuitive Impact Entrepreneurs and Purpose-Driven Organisations to
build impactful businesses through leveraging their brands and build
their identity and authority within their marketplace! Gayle is also an
Advocate for the UN Global Goals, in particular Goal No. 5 which is
Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women & Girls and centers
much of her philanthropic work around this goal.

As the Founder of Brand You Consultancy Ltd, Gayle blends her
spiritual gifts with over 30 plus years’ experience in Marketing, Branding,
Communications, Training & Coaching to help Entrepreneurs and
Corporate Professionals to boost their identity, create more impact,
extend their influence to sharpen up their digital image and offline
presence. Gayle is the creator of the trailblazing “Standing up in Your
own Hallelujah” Personal Branding process. It is this same innovative
process that also forms the basis of The Audacity to be Authentic
Diversity & Inclusion Programme which Gayle delivers to Organisations
and Corporates committed to progression and change.

Gayle is also a Co-Author of the International No. 1 Bestseller, The Law
of Brand Attraction which was published in May 2020 to provide
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners with success strategies and hope
during the recent global pandemic. The Law of Brand Attraction topped
the Amazon Best Sellers list in the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Japan,
Australia and the U.S.

Gayle has delivered keynote speeches for organisations as well as
national and international conferences. Gayle interviews Entrepreneurial
Disruptors from around the globe as the host of The Dare to be
Awesome Podcast Show and is also a co-host of The Entrepreneurs
Sushi Club podcast.

Marcia O’Regan

Marcia O’Regan is the Entrepreneurs Healer, Soul Guide and Voice of The Ancient Divine Feminine.

Her intuition and heart-centered nurturing way helps her stand out in business and the entrepreneurial field.

She empowers women by removing blocks to all forms of lack and activates women to a whole new vibration where women are enlightened to their true soul essence, mission and greater spiritual connection. This is THE GAME CHANGER.

From this high frequency place, she helps women create a soulful business, aligned pricing and packages that draw your clients to you in a congruent, authentic and fulfilling way to ensure you make a beautiful living from your soul mission.
She leads the way into the new paradigm of being, living and doing business in this New Aquarian Age. Her motto is ‘your rules, your way’, it’s quantum leaps all the way when Marcia is in the room!

Gosia Gorna

Gosia Gorna is an award winning transformational coach, international speaker and author of the best-selling book ‘The Expansion Game’. Her book won the 2018 best-coaching book of year.

She is the creator of a pioneering and powerful method for releasing fear – The Expansion Game. This transformational tool can turn your life around by freeing you from the fear of failure, not being good enough and feeling judged. It will help you to let go of the need to hide, procrastinate and play small.

Gosia has helped thousands of change-maker, to gain greater clarity and express their unique gifts with confidence. Her work demonstrates how the power of the heart, intuition and skillful handling of our fear can help us all achieve greater success, and make a bigger impact in this world.

Marina  Beech

Marina Beech Soul Alchemist is a Tarot & Soul Reader who uses the Akashic Records, pendulum and intuition to help her clients align and live more effectively to how they've been created at Soul level.

Marina experienced the positive impact of The Akashic Records after she witnessed her own profound healing several years ago, it was through this catalyst that she went on her own journey to discover what the Records were and how she could offer the same transformation to her clients today.


Debra Kilby

Debra Kilby is a spirit baby medium, healer, channel and Soul Plan Reader. Debra supports women to birth themselves, their babies and life through channelled messages and intuitive insights.

By travelling deep into your soul energy and soul’s plan, Debra guide you to identify, heal and transform any past hurts, reset karmic and ancestral patterns and open up your natural, intuitive gifts, empowering you to birth who you know yourself to be and if on your journey to motherhood, meet and birth your babies.

Debra is the author of Rosa’s Choice: Healing the Wounds of the Mother. A Journey into the World of the Spirit Baby and how we can build a New Earth, together

Lisa Nichols

Lisa is Online Business Manager

Lisa gets spiritual online business owners organised and profitable by creating daily systems that free them to serve more customers and launch new offers.



Sharon  Brown

Through her  work using  many tools and guides Sharon helps clients to get unstuck and get clear on their soul’s purpose, which results in having a sense of belonging and purpose.

Sharon puts all her healing and intuitive experience into her high vibrational healing sessions in which she undertakes and help each client in their individual needs. She helps her clients transform their life and live the live they dream of.


Sarah Joanne Ashurst

Sarah Joanne Ashurst is an Elemental Realm Reader/Healer, harnessing the power of the Elemental Realms and Goddesses in her readings, healings and courses, to connect people back to the magic of themselves.

She is the creator of the Faery & Angel Academy Membership a powerful and empowering community that helps people to communicate with and connect with the magic of the realms.

Due to an experience at a previous Magical Creators Event she created the Step Into Your Divine Magic Goddess Course. A 4 month transformational and life-changing journey to remove blocks and empower women to fully step into their divinity and magic so they can speak their truth with confidence and live life fearlessly.

Fun loving and down to earth Sarah is a married Mum of 3 who loves the earth and nature, and pretending she’s the artist Pink whilst dancing and singing in the kitchen.


Kurly Marwaha

Feng Shui & Energetics Master

Kurly  is a Master Feng Shui & Energetics Practitioner, she has not only taken ‘simple’ energy systems to mastery level, she has mastered those systems that are considered elite by the most experienced in the field such as Qi Men Da Ja and Xong Kong Da Gua. Her career history has involved design, graphics, architectural drawing, business and management as an Executive Assistant and Project Manager in the corporate world. In 2008 she won the coveted PA of the Year Award.

She is respected for bringing a fresh educational style approach, which teaches and supports clients. Through her accomplishment in Feng Shui Mastery, energetics work, business strategizing, project management and operations, Kurly now works professionally with many diverse clients including individuals, and those in the fast paced corporate & entrepreneurial environments, to help them achieve tangible results. She does this through practical application and tailored implementation for a diverse range of goals whether they be personal, professional or organisational.

Her once secret interest which has built into her career started 23 years ago, apprenticing alongside masters to gain experience of successful applications and activations of Feng Shui, an ancient wisdom born over 5000 years ago.

Kurly’s first contact with this ancient system came when she was in need of healing. Having experienced extreme debilitating symptoms throughout her childhood, and having tried orthodox medicine, alternative therapies and many spiritual approaches, the principles of Feng Shui gave her tangible results that not only healed her body, but also started her achieving goals that she would otherwise have considered impossible, across all areas of her life.


Helene Thituson

Helene Thituson

Helene Thituson is an Award Winning Marketer. She comes from Sweden and spent many years in Jamaica. Her background is in webdesign, amazon, ecommerce and marketing. She has been creating websites and marketing for 12+ years.

Helene is on a mission to help you understand how to make money from your website. Well known but little understood strategies on how to monetize your blog or website.
For many it’s the dream business. It really is. No clients. No customers. No boss. No schedule. No income ceiling. Work anywhere you want. The list goes on.


What to expect!

You will be taken on a business journey – taking your business up a level.

By the end of the event you will have the tools to expand your business.


5th October Day 1  ONLINE

11:00am   Melanie Moore

Reset your goals and reinvent your vision for the future.

12:00 pm  Inga Deksne

The Powerful combination of Structures and Flow in your business.

1:00pm Debra Kilby

Resetting your conception choices to help you and your business flourish.

2:00pm Lisa Nichols
Becoming a Pro CEO of your business

3:00pm Lunch Break

4:00pm Gosia Gorna
Become a business whisperer.

5:00pm Interactive part - working in groups.

5:30pm Sarah Joanne Ashurst
Uncovering Your Magic With Goddess Morgana

6:25 pm Networking 

7:00 pm Closing of Day 1

6th October Day 2 ONLINE

11:00am  Marcia O’Regan

Rejuvenate your Wealth.

12:00 pm Helene Thituson

How to make money from your website in the age of web 3.0

1:00pm Kurly Marwaha

Feng Shui for stability and growth in a volatile world

2:00pm Sharon Brown
Reinvent YourSelf

3:00pm Lunch Break

4:00pm Gayle Edwards
“Reinvesting your Riches”

5:00pm Interactive part - working in groups.

5:30pm Marina Beech
Reinvent Your Reality With The Akashic Records

6:25 pm Networking 

7:00 pm Closing of Day 2

17th Octobe

Sheraton Skyline Hotel London Heathrow, UB3 5BP

10am- 5pm UK


ReelLove workshop - creating and publishing reels
by Inga Deksne

An exclusive Transformational Neural Technique Session
with Melanie Moore

How to use Pendulum in Business and Life
by Marina Beech

The Feng Shui and Energy Lab with Feng Shui Master

an interactive  session with Kurly Marwaha

Opening the Portal of your Expansion
by Gosia Gorna

Lunch and refreshments will be provided

Magical Creators Live


5th-6th October 2022


Yvonne J Douglas

I would like to say that working with Inga has been an experience of love support and expansion. Joining Magical Creators has been, for me, a worth while investment in myself and my business. Inga's caring and intuitive nature, coupled with her expertise has given me the courage to really step up into my authentic space of leadership. Her knowledge of social media marketing is second to none. The way she runs her maintenance package is so supportive and extremely helpful, continually pushing you forward for your highest good and best outcome; as long as I put in the work Inga is there to hold my hand. I would highly recommend Inga and her Magical Creators group for learning, growth, and support for my business.
Thank you, Inga, for a magical experience.

Debra Kilby

The Magical Creators Live was an event beyond business as usual! I felt like I’d been through a spin dryer at the end of this very magical day, in the best of ways. I came away from the event feeling I’d up-leveled energetically, as well inspired with ideas and practical tips. The speakers were motivating, knowledgeable, supportive and very much personal and approachable sharing ideas and tips to the audience as well as individuals. I will definitely attend Inga’s next event and would highly recommend spoiling yourself with the VIP option.

Jenny Ford

When I signed up for the Magical Creators Live Workshop I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I knew it was going to be a magical day and I was right!

Listening to the entire speaker’s telling their stories and seeing how far they have come was so inspiring. I can honestly say I came away feeling transformed and excited about moving forward in my business and feeling more confident to make the changes I need to make.

Madeleine Knight

Joanne Lee

Melanie Moore

Marina Beech

Adriana Delieva

What is included in your ticket?


The 3-DayPass gives you access to two events -

  • an online event on 5th and 6th October and
  • an in person event in London on 17th October.

(if you can’t attend an in person event- don’t worry we will record healing sessions that take place during the in person event and you can listen to it at your own pace.).

  • You will receive recordings from online sessions (technology permitted but it always worked in the past).
  • Some sessions will provide instant breakthroughs, some sessions you will want to revisit again and again that’s why we provide the recordings too.
  • You will be entered into a prize draw to win a 1-2-1 session with one of the speakers.

The 1-Day Pass

The 1-Day Pass offers

  • attending in person event
  • networking opportunities with like-minded entrepreneurs
  • healing sessions

Ticket Options


10th March Pass


Instalment option

2 x £170

Instalment option

6 x £56

Event pass for the virtual event

A bonus ticket to the in-person event.(valued at £147)

Recording of the event*.

Prize draw to get a session with one of the speakers

A 2-month access to the
Magical Creator membership (£94)

All-Day Pass


Instalment option

2 x £75

Instalment option

6 x £25

Event pass


Prize draw to get a session with one of the speakers

A 2-month access to the
Magical Creator membership (£94)

Do you have questions?

Below there are some answers that may be useful!


When does the event takes place?

It takes place on 5th and 6th October online. 

11am - 7 pm UK; 6am -2pm EST;

Bonus in person event in London on 17th October.

10am- 5pm UK


How does it differ from every other Zoom event?

While we use Zoom as a platform to deliver the event, we can assure that it is far from ordinary webinar. The talks are infused with healing sessions, plus we use breakout rooms to faciliate mini group sessions, and we will have dance parties in between. Besides we tested at our previous events and magic was palpable throughout the whole event.


What if I can't attend the in-person event?

We are aiming at recording sessions that take place at the in-person event so you will be able to listen to them afterwards. The in-person event is created to enhance your online experience and foster connections in real life.

You will still be able to benefit from the event even if you can't attend the live day on 17th October. That's why we called it a bonus day.


What if I can't attend the whole event?

We would recommend attending all the sessions but at the same time we believe in the Divine Timing so you will hear what you need to hear the most no matter how little time you spend at the event.  Recording will be provided assuming that technology performs but recordins are offered to enhance the follow up process rather than catching up on missed sessions.


*Are the sessions recorded?

Sessions will be recorded but as you know technology can play up. All previous events were recorded successfully, and they are available to purchase if you didn’t attend the previous events.


Do you refund tickets?

We don't refund tickets, if your circumstances change you can transfer your ticket to the next event or gift it to someone.