The Magical Creators Live March Online Masterclasses

online masterclasses for Intuitive Entrepreneurs from world-class experts providing business and spiritual tools for personal and business growth.

Exclusive offer to members of the Magical Creators Membership

Immerse yourself in the many healing sessions and inspirational talks to help you raise your abundance frequency, learn manifesting tips and increase your ability to both generate and manifest abundance on demand. If you agree that you are co-creator of your reality, you are open to personal development and energy work, and you are ready to create a legacy then this event is for you!

The Bootcamp will help you expand your sense of possibility by teaching you new tools for personal and business development. You’ll learn how to shift your mind from Fixed Mindset to Growth Mindset.

Attending these sessions you will learn how to:


See things from a different perspective and clear your hidden limitations in all areas of your life.


Believe in your intention, get rid of fear and doubt


Connect with the brighter side of human nature


Receive practical business tips that you can implement in your business straigt away

Meet the Experts

Dive into March’s Masterclasses and learn from top experts in the field! There are 14 unique classes to choose from, each masterclass is over 60 minutes, costing £22 each or you can purchase an All-Access Pass for just £111 – meaning big savings of over £197.

Simply click “I want to attend this masterclass” below your chosen expert and receive an email with further instructions on how to access the masterclass – it’s that easy. Get ready for a month full of learning opportunities!

Manifest daily miracles in your life and business

1st March 8pm GMT

In this class Melanie will show you how to take yourself from:

  • Feeling stuck to allowing creativity to flow;

  • Feeling resistant to taking action to effortless action taking;

  • Feeling financially lacking in your business to welcoming abundance.

Unleash the power of your spirit animal guide by connecting with them every day!

3rd March 2pm GMT

During this Masterclass you will:


  • How to connect with your spirit animal guide.

  • How to use them in your everyday life.

  • The importance of using them on a daily basis.

Unlock the power of your Business Magic Wand

6th March 2pm GMT

During this Masterclass you will:


  • Discover what your magic WAND in your business is

  • Design a system that ensures quick + effective delivery of your impact

  • Increase your influence beyond your existing horizon

Expand your 'Business wings' to increase your impact and reach


8th March 2pm GMT

During this Masterclass you will learn how to


  • Speak with your future clients to create what they need

  • Release old programs that doesn’t serve you anymore in who you are becoming

  • Get intuitive insights about your next best steps

Supercharging Self Confidence & Self Belief via Akashic Records


10th March 2pm GMT

During this Masterclass we will cover:


  • At what level would you rate your self confidence and belief in business?

  • What does it take to be super confident?

  • What would business look like if you completely believed in yourself?

Harness the transformative energy of Feng Shui to open up a world of possibilities for your business


13th March 2pm GMT

During this class you will learn how to


  • Strategically remove blocks or stuck energies from your environment

  • Set up your (home) office so it creates positive flow for your business

  • Which activities will create the maximum results?

Using the Powers of Numerology to Connect to your Business Magic


15th March 12pm GMT

In her masterclass Jo will show you


  • What numerology is and isn’t – respecting the energies of numbers

  • How numeric energies affect us on a daily basis in our business

  • How to work out your Life Path number (correctly) and what this means for your business success

Healing the Soul Plan of your Business


17th March 2pm GMT

In this class with Debra:


  • You will gain a deeper understanding of your Soul Plan and the energies of your business.

  • You will experience a healing and alignment with your business

  • You will feel more confident in how you are energetically communicating with your soul aligned clients

Monetising your website



20th March 2pm GMT

In this class with Helene we will cover:


  • Why you need to measure your website performance

  • How to measure your website performance

  • Stop feeling like you are driving in the dark

Harnessing the Power of Spiritual Alignment for Business


22nd March 2pm GMT

During this Masterclass you will learn:


  • How aligned (or misaligned) you are with your intentions and your business

  • How working with the world of energy can release blockages and immediately shift your state of being

  • A tangible shift that brings greater alignment and supports your intention

The Spirit Guide hotline- they are here to help


24th March 2pm GMT

Witness Olwen blending with her guides so that you can gain clarity and guidance in relation to


  • Work

  • Business

  • Personal issues

Using your skills and knowledge to create and sell books on Amazon


27th March 2pm GMT

In this masterclass with Julie you will:


  • Discover the magic of creating low and medium content books on Amazon

  • How to decide and choose which books to create

  • Creating your books(journals) and getting them ready to sell.

The Wheel of Alchemy - How the Elements and Cycles of Nature can Support your Manifestation


29th March 2pm GMT

During this Masterclass you will learn:


  • Break the spell of separation between you and your business

  • Align with the most potent manifestation times for you and your business

  • Dance with the earth and lunar cycles for the highest outcome for you, your business and your clients

Clearing the energetic blocks to have more money and make more impact


31st March 2pm GMT

In this class with Marcia you will:


  • Discover the one main root that is stopping money fluidity

  • Experience an energetic shift that will shift your mindset and how you feel about money so you can start having an incredible relationship with money

  • Discover the sacredness of Money so you can feel more comfortable, having more money and managing it, so it grows in alignment with your soul’s purpose.

Frequently Asked Questions


When does the event take place?

The date and time of each masterclass is stated on your ticket receipt. You will receive email notification for each of the masterclasses separately.


Where does event take place?

All masterclasses are on Zoom. You will receive a separate meeting link for each of the masterclasses via email.


How many masterclasses can I attend?

You can attend as many masterclasses as you wish. Each ticket should be purchased separately. Individual ticket to a masterclass costs £22, and you can purchase as many  tickets as you wish, the most cost effective solution is to purchase the All-Access Pass for £111 and attend as many events as you wish or watch the recordings.


What if I can't attend the event?

Your pass gives you access to the recording which will be available at least for 12 months after the event. It is recommended to attend the live event as it will give you the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other participants. 


Do you refund tickets?

No, we don't refund tickets, if you can't attend the live session you can watch the recording or  you can transfer your ticket to someone else but you need to give us a 24-hour notice. 


Are the sessions recorded?

Yes, the sessions are recorded. The recordings will be available at least for the next 12 months.