Grow your Business,

Create your Magic and Change the World!

Magical Creators

Online Summit

The Online Business Growth Toolkit
for Spiritually Awakened and Intuitive Entrepreneurs

Special Offer – 50% off  till 3oth April

Grow your Business,

Create your Magic and Change the World!

Magical Creators

Online Summit

The Online Business Growth Toolkit
for Spiritually Awakened and Intuitive Entrepreneurs

Special Offer – 50% off  till 31st March

Now more than ever we need to step up our business game.


I am offering you a collection of interviews with 38 world class experts who share their actionable and highly effective tips that you can apply daily in your business and life.

These interviews are aimed to help you overcome your fears and limiting beliefs, and equip you with spiritual and business tools so your business can thrive and you can serve more people and make a greater impact.

Featured Experts

Gayle Edwards

Gayle Edwards is a Positioning Strategist who works with Leaders who want to build their identity and authority within their marketplace!

Using your Brand Voice to Create your Brand Choice

Melanie Moore

Melalnie Moore is a mindset coach who helps her clients to Tap Into their Big Vision.

Expanding the Vision for your Business with Vision Boards 


Gosia Gorna

Gosia Gorna is an award winning transformational coach, international speaker and author of the best-selling book ‘The Expansion Game’.

Removing Fear of Change

Marcia O’Regan

Marcia O’Regan is the Entrepreneurs healer and voice of Ancient Divine Feminine.

Increasing your level of abundance the Divine Feminine way

Your Host

Inga Deksne

Inga Deksne is a Latvian living in London, UK. She moved to London over 11 years ago, so she is familiar with how to start again from scratch in an unknown territory.

Inga has created High Impact Happiness brand because she loves working with businesses who create huge impact in the world and she wants them to be happy while they are running their business.

Tiffany Crosara

Tiffany Crosara helps intuitive empaths tune back in to who they through her Multi award winning books, games and programs “The Transformational Truth of Tarot!”

Start your day the Transformational Truth of Tarot 3D Way

Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle, a featured teacher in the film and book “The Secret” has been facilitating transformation for nearly two decades through online programs, speaking, and coaching.

The Law of Attraction Demistified 

Jacqui Crooks

When we find ourselves stuck, or we sabotage our success by not doing what needs doing, or doing things that don’t work, there’s always a reason for it. it may not be a logical reason and it usually isn’t! 

From stuck to unstoppable

Brad Yates

Brad Yates is known internationally for his creative and often humorous use of Tapping/EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

Removing the resistance of selling 

Dr.Cali Estes

Dr. Cali Estes, #1 Best Selling Author, a highly sought-after Celebrity Coach, Counselor, Life Coach, Transformational Coach and Wellness Guru that blends talk therapy with forward and positive change.

Creating miracles in your business and life daily

Lara Waldman

Lara Waldman is The Abundance Activator. She is the author of”Money Manifestation Mastery”, Manifestation Expert, Abundance Coach and Healer 18+ years.

How To Manifest Money In Alignment with Your Purpose

Dr. Christine Li

With over 20 years experience as a clinical psychologist, Procrastination Coach Dr. Christine Li will help you learn how to live your fullest, most rewarding life without the need for anxiety or stress.

The “4F” Process for Manifesting Your Desired Results with Lightening Speed

Michelle Adams

Michelle Adams is an international branding photographer who has photographed thousands of women for magazines and businesses, as well as private commissioned work.

High Impact Photos- When your pictures become powerful in your business

Colin Boyd

Colin’s signature program Sell From Stage Academy™  helps people turn every presentation into a money making machine.

How to ‘Speak’ in a Way That Sells

Shelley Hutchinson

Having built Client Nectar from scratch to a multiple six figure business in just three years, and sold 7 figures in coaching programs, 

How To Gain Clients Through LinkedIn

Emily Aarons

Emily Aarons is an intuitive healer and psychic business coach. She’s best known as a spiritual guide for getting out of overwhelm and into alignment in your business.

Attracting Soulmate Clients With Ease

Jo Soley

Jo Soley is the owner and founder of Bizology Ltd – ‘You + Numerology = Business Success’.  


Using the Powers of Numerology to Elevate your Business Success!

JoBeth Evans

JoBeth Evans is an entrepreneur, college public speaking instructor, mother of two young kids and self proclaimed time management master

Become a Time Management Master

Philippa Scobie

 Philippa’s mission is to provide coaching/mentoring with a financial management bias to business owners.

Financial Foundations

Karen Skidmore

Business mentor with 25+ years experience, Karen specialises in True Profit™; designing & growing purposeful, profitable businesses

The 6-Figure Myth: What it really takes to grow a profitable, sustainable and scalable business

Helen Elizabeth  Evans

As the UK’s No. 1 Scientific Hand and Fingerprint Analyst, she uncovers her clients’ true purpose and path to their unique leadership


Your Leadership is in Your Fingerprints

Lisa  Nichols

Lisa helps non tech-savvy entrepreneurs figure out how to market in the 21st Century with social media.

Marketing is now called Stories

Sarah Joanne Ashurst

Sarah Joanne Ashurst is an Elemental Realm Reader/Healer and Spiritual Business Coach, she harnesses the power of the Angelic and Elemental Realms in her readings, healings and business coaching

How the Angels can help you in your business

Yvonne J Douglas

Yvonne, known as The Starseed Alkhemist, is a powerful psychic and uses her innate shamanic healing to give you more clarity, greater purpose and increased passion, so you can create magic in your life

The beauty of looking within

Kurly Marwaha

Kurly Marwaha is a Master Feng Shui & Energetics Practitioner, she has not only taken ‘simple’ energy systems to mastery level.

Top Energy Tips For Business Flow

Olwen Jennings

Olwen is a Spiritual Coach and healer and she guides you towards heart-led living through guidance and healing.

How to be connected to your guidance each day

Anne Rose Hart

Anne Rose Hart is the creator of Quantum Play (TM) and is the go-to mentor for business owners who are ready to leverage their most persistent blocks and challenges into fuel, so they can achieve their business dreams with unstoppable confidence and joy.

Become an Alchemist of your Business

Sharon Brown

Spirit Animal Guides come in very strong in Sharon’s work as a healer, teacher and published writer of spiritual truths.  She reconnects people with their divine truth and essence and guide them on their journey

Spirit Animals and soul realignment

Sonia Grover

Sonia is an Intuitive Heart Souls Heart Coach. She supports people to transform their lives and move into deeper levels of happiness, healing and flourishing in this ever changing, ever evolving world.

TheTransformational power of Sound & Sacred Geometry

Debra Kilby

Debra is a Soul Plan Reader able to access your life before life and the soul desires and experiences you chose before your own birth.

The Earth Star Chakra meditation to attract clients

Aishling Mooney

Aishling is an Angel Intuitive, Teacher and Healer and also the founder of Your Angel Circle Membership

How to access the angelic realms to help you in every are of your life and spiritual business

Cai Graham

Cai is a Parenting & Family Coach : specifically supporting families with Teenagers.

How anxiety can affect your business and personal life and how to deal with it

Christianne Wolff

Christianne Wolff is a multi award-winning celebrity trainer, yoga and Pilates instructor, writer and healer.

Top Energy Tips For Business Flow

Marina Beech

Marina Beech Soul Alchemist is a Tarot & Soul Reader who uses the Akashic Records to help her clients align and live more effectively 

Simple but efficient way to improve the quality of your day

Aodaoin Hathaway

Aodaoin Hathaway  is a teacher, an intuitive energy healer, and mystic with a lifelong connection and affinity with Dragons, and more than twenty years of training and experience in various healing modalities.

Overwhelm and How to Deal With It

Sara Estelle Turner

Sara Estelle is a Healer, a High Priestess, Nature Kingdom Guide and Business Mentor, weaving flowers, business and the sacred through her life and business offerings.

Earthing your Business – How to use the Natural Cycles of the Earth to Bring Structure and Flow to your Life and Business

Alessandro Ferullo

Alessandro has been practising Qigong for over 25 years. He  has had a lifelong interest in energy, health and continue to study Buddhism, Taoism, among other Eastern philosophies.

Connecting to the universal energy for good health and inspiration

Shannon Conway

Shannon is a certified life coach with extensive studies in mind body medicine, digestive wellness, meditation and creativity. 

Tap into inspiration + creativity by inviting the sacred into your work

Heather Prince

Heather Prince is the go-to expert for healing your inherited blocks so you are free to live the life of your dreams.

How personal life affects your business and how to move forward fearlessly after separation, divorce or bereavement