Welcome to the Magical Creators Podcast, where intuitive entrepreneurship meets spiritual enlightenment. In our very first episode, join host Inga Deksne and special guest Sharon Brown as they delve into the captivating world of spirit animal guides. Discover how these extraordinary beings can ignite your inner magic and propel you towards personal and business growth.

What is Magical Creators Live?

It is a business growth platform for intuitive and spiritual  entrepreneurs to expand their visibility and grow their business through tailor-made assistance inside the online membership, through various online masterclasses and in person and online events.

Magical Creators® is a business growth platform for Intuitive Entrepreneurs who create magic on a daily basis.  Magical Creators® is a place where your dreams become reality, where all the best kept entrepreneurial secrets are shared and put into action.

We are the community of Lightworkers who came to this world to find and fulfill our soul’s calling. We are committed to our personal and business growth and success. Our aim is to create impact and leave a legacy.


Embracing Spirit Animal Guides:

We all have a spirit animal guide that is there to offer guidance and protection throughout our lives. However, it’s crucial to establish a connection with them and actively seek their assistance.

In this episode, Inga and Sharon emphasize the significance of embracing our unique spirit animal guides and tapping into their wisdom.


What are Spirit Animal Guides?

Spirit Animal guides are spiritual beings that can help us understand ourselves and guide us through life, and everyone is born with one that can be called upon for wisdom, courage, protection, and more.

Connecting with Your Inner Magic:

Our spirit animal guides represent different qualities and can bring forth immense joy, laughter, and inspiration. By embracing their essence, we unlock our own inner magic and unleash our full potential.


In this first episode of the Magical Creators Live podcast Inga and Sharon discuss how these magical creatures can enhance our lives, both personally and professionally.

Investing in Personal and Business Growth:

As intuitive entrepreneurs, it’s essential to invest in ourselves for personal and business growth. In this podcast episode, Inga and Sharon share valuable insights on how connecting with our spirit animal guides can empower us to harness our innate magical gifts. By developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and our spiritual companions, we can manifest success and abundance.

Asking for Assistance and Guidance:

Our spirit animal guides are always there to support us, but it’s up to us to ask for their assistance and guidance. In this episode, Inga and Sharon discuss practical methods and techniques for establishing a strong connection with our animal guides. Through meditation, intuition, and active communication, we can strengthen our bond and receive the guidance we seek.


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